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Independent 4x4 is here to help with all of your Land Rover service needs. Contact us for your next repair or maintenance. You can easily schedule your service appointment on WhatsApp or E-mail or give us a call to speak with one of our service representatives.

New & Used Parts

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional levels of customer service. Call or WhatsApp Marlene for parts sales.

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We use reliable methods to get your parts to you.

Why Choose Us?
Steering System

At Independent 4x4, we know very well that you need to GO EVERYWHERE. We have extensive knowledge on your beloved Land Rover's suspension & steering componants & how they need to operate & be optimised. 

Need a "lift" ? Give us a call!

Expert Servicing

With 22 years of specialising in Land Rover & Range Rover comes a lot of knowledge & know-how. We have in depth knowledge earned by many years of dedication to one brand only. Every staff member is a Land Rover Fanatic with great love and affection for them. 

Vehicle Inspection

Included in every STD service is our comprehensive 120 - POINT check through. This is a very important health check to make sure there is less surprises & more reliable driving. This service is available before you buy a vehicle too, a great way to see exactly what you are buying. 

OnTime Delivery

We do our best to give you the best service in an efficient & quick timeframe. Our dinamic staff will always put their best foot forward in assisting repairs needed and parts ordered. 

We Courier Nationwide

George, Polokwane, Welkom, Upington, Hoedspruit to Volksrust. No problem! We make use of  fast & reliable couriers & whatever means we can to get your parts to you. We do it as fast as possible, we understand your urgency. 

Easy Support

For your convenience we are available on WhatsApp as well as Email. 

We know very well that in todays modern & busy world, you need contact at your fingertips. 

You are welcome! 

Quality & Fair Pricing

We believe in sticking to what is best rather than going for short-cuts & cheap, non-quality alternatives. You will be able to make a informative decision when buying parts from us or giving go-ahead on a service required. We'll get you the best option at the best price we can manage. 

Charging & related

Here at Independent 4x4 we know intensively how Landys get stuck with the old "I think it is my battery" . Sure, it could be, but it could be more than that. Alternators, Starters, batteries.

We know all the issues they bring. 

We get to the root of the problem.

Brakes & Wheels

Land Rovers have specialised braking systems & diffs. We know them inside & out with all the thousands we've been taking care of since 2000. It is always our priority to keep you safe on the road & returning  a happy driver for your next service. Maintenance is key & we are here for you. 

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